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$110,000 Capital Required

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Franchise Opportunities with a
Top-Rated Cleaning Service

Most Molly Maid® franchise owners enjoyed successful corporate careers before choosing to dust off their passion to run a business – either on their own or with a partner. They understand this rewarding business is about more than cleaning houses. They’re facilitating a service that, quite literally, buys time for their customers – time to attend their child’s baseball games, time to unwind on weekends, and time to do anything except clean their homes.

Plenty of franchise opportunities exist that enable people to hire experts to do the jobs they typically avoid or keep putting off, such as painting, carpet cleaning, or even taxes. Molly Maid is different. This is a simple business model that requires little training or technical expertise, and it’s one that will always be in demand and won’t be replaced by technology.



Why Molly Maid?

At Molly Maid, we keep it simple: We clean houses. That's what we do. Our business structure is not complicated, but it does offer our franchise owners an incredible opportunity to take control of their professional and financial futures while still having time to enjoy life.

Molly Maid offers cleaning service franchise opportunities with unmatched tools for success. We have hundreds of available territories across the U.S., including locations with under-served potential customers. Molly Maid franchise owners have earned a reputation for being exceptionally giving, motivated, and difference-making individuals. They represent the Molly Maid brand with pride, and you can too. There's no cleaning-industry experience required. Investing in a Molly Maid franchise is different from starting alone. You get a head start on your business and won’t need to touch a mop.


We know how to set up franchisees for long-term achievement and enjoyment. With a Molly Maid cleaning service franchise, benefits include:

- Attainable work-life balance, thanks to family-friendly hours
- Ongoing training and operations support
- Business systems built for longevity
- Excellent setup for nurturing repeat customers
- Simple operations, including a start-from-home option and minimal equipment
- Prime territories with a scalable model
- Modern technology for business processes and customer support
- ProTradeNet® vendor buying power
- Joining the trusted Neighborly® family of home service brands



The Ultimate Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

If you’ve been considering owning your own piece of  the house cleaning industry, look no further than Molly Maid®. This is a competitive industry, and Molly Maid® has made it easier to hit the ground running from day one. From built-in national brand recognition to comprehensive business support, the advantages of owning a Molly Maid® cleaning franchise are indisputable.


Resources for Stability, Independence and Success Means You Never Need to Touch a Mop

Starting a cleaning business from scratch can be daunting; the industry is competitive, and any startup business comes with some risk. When you start a cleaning business yourself, you start at zero—with minimal/limited customer base, few business relationships, and low brand awareness. You do the market research, marketing, and maybe even the mopping. With all the business development left to you, you can find yourself with little time for a personal life.

Investing in a Molly Maid franchise is different from starting alone.

We take the guesswork out of startup, marketing, and daily operations when you invest in Molly Maid. We provide you with an established business model and the tools you need to hit the ground running.

As a Molly Maid franchise owner, you get the support that can free up your time. This means you have the chance to grow professionally and achieve a better work-life balance. Molly Maid's brand recognition is a powerful driver of your business growth, not to mention the networking opportunities, vendor relationships, and other benefits you receive as a franchise owner within the Neighborly family of brands.



A Part of the Neighborly® Family of Service Brands

Not only will you enjoy the extensive support and services provided by Molly Maid with your residential cleaning services franchise, but you will also become part of Neighborly, the world's largest and fastest-growing family of home service brands with?29 home service brands and more than 4,800 franchises?in nine countries.

As a part of Neighborly, Molly Maid franchise owners may gain exposure and leads via customers of other Neighborly brand franchises in their community. We also offer cross-marketing promotions and campaigns to generate business for our Neighborly family of home service brands. This is just one more way Molly Maid supports you.



Ideal Franchise Owner

Is a Molly Maid franchise right for you? It is if you have the resources and the energy to start a business. Successful Molly Maid franchise owners are:

- Results-oriented and committed to succeeding
- Driven and have proven management skills
- Customer-service oriented
- Exceptional communicators with strong interpersonal skills
- Visionary and have perseverance to achieve their goals.
- Willing to work hard to achieve their version of financial security.

If you share these qualities, then chances are Molly Maid could be the ideal franchise opportunity for you!



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